MPUA Annual Conference

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Event Date: September 27th – 29th

About MPUA

MPUA represents community-owned (municipal), locally-regulated electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and broadband utilities that work together for the benefit of their customers. For many years, the vision of a strong, versatile, and multi-faceted collaboration grew in the minds of municipal utility leaders from across Missouri. In October of 1998, three current member organizations of MPUA voted to combine efforts and resources to better serve their municipal utility members.

MPUA is a partnership of the Missouri Electric Commission, the Missouri Gas Commission, the Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities, and the MPUA Resource Services Corporation. Each of the partners adopt a budget and have their own legal status. Thirteen members of the organizations serve on the MPUA Board of Directors and approve an integrated budget, and collectively this provides a broad array of services to all members.