Powering the Future

MC Power Companies, a leading full-service solar and electrical contracting company, has been proudly serving customers nationwide for over a decade. Headquartered in the heart of the Kansas City Metro area, our expertise lies in providing efficient and reliable solar energy and electrical services. We cater to a diverse range of clients, including commercial, industrial, municipal, utility-scale, educational facilities, agricultural, and residential partners, all of whom trust us to help them shape a sustainable future through affordable and socially responsible solar systems and electricity.

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We specialize in customized solar energy systems to expand our clients' energy portfolios and provide innovative solutions that enhance stability and manage energy costs effectively. With our creative approach and expert project leadership, we're your trusted partner in harnessing solar energy's potential.

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Our strength lies in our people, including certified professionals, seasoned journeymen, and master electricians, all dedicated to delivering top-quality service with precision and excellence. Trust MC Power Companies for dependable and skilled electricians dedicated to meeting your energy needs.

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Additional Products

We offer more than just turn-key systems and products. Our extensive energy experience empowers customers to maximize their solar and electrical energy offerings, unlocking the full potential of renewable energy. Partner with MC Power Companies to elevate your energy initiatives with our knowledge and experience.

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Operations & Maintenance

We are more than service providers; we are partners with our clients, safeguarding and optimizing their investments. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond installation, providing long-term support for the continuous protection and performance of your energy solutions. Partner with MC Power Companies for unwavering support and peace of mind.

Powering Future Profitability

At MC Power Companies, we firmly believe that success starts with respect. We extend our respect to our valued partners, dedicated staff, and the environment. It is this respect that serves as the foundation for everything we do.

Through our innovative solutions, we transform respect into tangible benefits, including profitability, efficiency, and a sustainable foundation for a brighter future. Join hands with MC Power Companies to experience the power of respect-driven success.

709 Metric Tons of CO2 Reduced

This is equivalent to reducing the emissions from

Thousand Gallons of Gasoline

Thousand Pounds of Coal

Thousand Gallons of Diesel

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