Solar Panels for Schools

Education is key to our business and our customers. We offer partnerships and provide solar solutions for educational facilities that save money in these tight economic times and bring real-world knowledge to the classroom. Our programs increase awareness about solar systems in the community and serve as educational tools for millions of students, including those who are looking at STEM education for careers.

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Benefits of Solar for Schools

MC Power Companies can help your educational institution reach a brighter future. It’s no secret that electrical costs keep rising and budgets continue getting tighter. Solar power can help you save utility costs and provide local, state and federal tax incentives that will benefit your budget.

Solar power provides a more efficient way for schools to meet their energy needs with significant electricity cost savings. These savings can help you invest more into teachers, academic programming for students, purchase updated technology and more.

With greater access to hands-on learning opportunities from kindergarten to senior year and beyond, the design, installation and even maintenance and operations from solar projects can bring innovation and curiosity into the classroom.

We all know that schools and universities are vitally important for families and their communities. Many times, school buildings act as an emergency shelter during severe weather. Solar power systems with battery backup can generate enough power to keep power on and provide a safe place for the community when needed.

As a leader in the community and an advocate for education, cutting your school or university’s carbon footprint to improve air quality and reduce air pollution and other damaging emissions can show your commitment to the planet.

Whether installing rooftop, ground-mounts or canopy solar systems, there are the benefits of solar for your institution are considerable. Solar canopies at your school could provide shade for outdoor play areas, or parking for staff. Rooftop systems can be out of sight and take up no space at all and with enough available open land, ground-mounted solar can be a great option for your energy efficiency solution.

Providing unlimited and reliable energy, solar panels can generate the needed energy for educational facilities to thrive. By going solar, the community and students are shown how everyone has the power to make a difference in the world. This awareness can drive solar power even farther.

MC Power Companies is here to help you save on your energy costs for years to come while inspiring the next generation of energy leaders.

Going solar means reducing or eliminating electric bills while lowering a company’s carbon footprint which increases overall value.

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