Municipal & Utility-Scale Solar

Our solar and energy-saving products not only allow our customers to save money but it also promotes local economic development and a forward-thinking philosophy that generates even more business.

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Solar panels for a city utility department

Leading a Solar Community

Everyone wins with solar. When more businesses use solar it allows cost savings and opportunities for more. A community solar program is one model for addressing the lack of solar PV access that many consumers face. It allows everyone to benefit from solar energy, even if they can’t put panels on a rooftop or have the space for ground-mount systems.
In areas where solar power is less expensive than traditionally generated electricity, consumers can also save money on their electricity bills. If subscribers move to a new home within the same utility service territory or county, they can typically continue to benefit from their community solar share.

There is an old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats. MC Power knows when communities succeed, their businesses thrive. That’s why we think long-term and know we need to help our municipal, community or utility-scale solar programs get traction. We help develop and support community programs in the areas of engineering & design, development and construction, and operation, maintenance & fiber-optic monitoring.

MC Power Companies offers commissioning for community solar programs. Contact us for more information about the tangible benefits of switching to solar.

Going solar means reducing or eliminating electric bills while lowering a company’s carbon footprint which increases overall value.

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