Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Another popular solar installation is ground-mounted solar panels. This requires open land that is unobstructed so panels can be easily tilted. MC Power Companies can advise if the panels need to be fixed or track the sun for more efficiency. Ground mount installations mainly face the south and can be the right solution for many organizations.

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Ground mount solar panel array

Best Place for Ground-Mount Solar

While ground-mounted systems can be used for residential areas, they aren’t normally the top choice for homeowners. You’ll typically find ground mounts used for commercial & industrial, agricultural, municipal or educational facilities.

Ground-mounted solar systems are a solar solution that can be easily implemented in a large yard or open land. Ground-mounted systems typically run cooler, as more airflow is available underneath the array which oftentimes make them operate more efficiently. To receive optimal solar energy, we recommend south-facing solar panels void of shade for the entirety of the day.

Ground-mounted solar systems can also provide you with the opportunity to expand. With available land, there is no space restriction and you can expand your solar arrays as much as you want or need, showcasing your proven commitment to sustainability.

Parking lots, utility service areas, dirt lots, shopping malls, farms, factories, warehouses, office complexes and stand-alone buildings are all great locations to explore both standard ground-mount and pole-mount systems.

Fixed Tilt Ground-Mount Systems

Fixed tilt ground-mounted solar panels stay at a fixed angle throughout the day. The system typically consists of horizontal arrays of solar panels secured to an appropriate foundation. This ground-mount system is designed for maximum exposure to sunlight with the tilt angled for the maximum amount of solar energy production possible. Each location’s terrain is different, so MC Power Companies will ensure that the solar panels are in the best possible position.

Single-Axis Solar Trackers

Single-axis solar systems are installed on an elevated pole holding up several panels. This offers flexibility to move with the sun through the day. With tracking systems, the solar system rotates the direction they’re facing while adjusting the angle of their tilt, leveraging the maximum sunlight possible for the highest energy production.

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