Lighting Control Systems

Lighting controls are often overlooked in improving employee attitude and productivity. Poorly designed or installed lighting can be a safety hazard and reduce a staff’s productivity. Let MC Power Companies show you how to turn a lighting system into an advantage through energy cost savings and efficiency.

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Lighting control system controlled by an iPad

Custom Lighting Systems

There’s a lot that goes into a lighting system. Facility size, floor plans, building codes, and a handful of other parameters affect the design, installation, and most importantly - cost-effectiveness. At MC Power Companies we are equipped to deliver lighting control solutions including limitless options such as timed lighting, sensor controls, and even smartphone options. These provide a superior degree of regulation and management for your systems. We will also assess your space and lighting needs and propose an insightful approach without compromising visual comfort or ease of use.

Our experience allows us to get creative to save you money, and reduce energy costs and complexity.

Our electrical services are backed with training, education, and experience.

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