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The beauty of solar energy is that it is only limited by imagination. From our years of experience, we know how to economically pair additional solar and electrical power products to enhance any requirement. From solar charging picnic tables to solar battery storage systems, we utilize innovative and renewable energy solutions that enhance safety, employee satisfaction, and power savings.

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Solar Battery Systems

Never waste energy ever. Harness and store electricity from your panels that collect sunlight all day.

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Backup Power

Power when you need it. Integrate multiple emergency power systems to ensure a reliable and stable electrical system.

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Solar Picnic Tables

Discover how solar charging tables maximize green energy for landscapes that have an abundance of direct sunlight.

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EV Chargers

Staying current. Our commitment is to provide easy and accessible electric vehicle charging for any type of facility.

MC Power Companies is your complete energy solutions provider.

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Solar Power & Electrical Accessories

Let us electrify your imagination. Our portfolio includes innovative products that can be customized to almost any situation. Our training, education, and experience are just a few of the reasons why we are known nationwide. We strive to provide quality, customer service, and performance that meets our customer’s needs.

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Success Stories

See the solar solutions and energy savings MC Power Companies has provided other clients.

MC Power Companies is a Full-Service Provider