Solar Panel Installation Options

MC Power knows being a partner means understanding needs. We know that every solar installation is unique and requires certified professionals to understand the best installation method possible. It’s just one more way we believe in powering the future.

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Regardless of roof pitch, our installations are designed to maximize solar panel efficiency with professional, clean, and built to last systems.

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When space is not available or when a roof mount might not be feasible, we find alternative locations to ensure the solar system functions at peak performance.

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With solar, using creativity and innovation can make a huge difference. Parking canopies for employees are great for shade and ideal for mounting solar panels on to deliver clean energy.

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Rooftop mounted solar panels on a city building roof

Best Place to Mount Solar Panels

A key to great solar system installations is how they are mounted. The most common ways to mount solar panels are roof, ground-mount, and canopy. Panels are secured by either steel or aluminum to ensure panels stay put in the most severe weather.

Ground Mount vs. Roof Mount

The most common mount for solar panels is on the roof. The key is mounting where there is unobstructed access to the sun. The obvious advantage is that it doesn’t occupy usable space. Ground mounts are on the ground in wide-open spaces free from the blockage of buildings or trees. No matter your roof style or ground mounting options, we install solar panels to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible so your view or space does not become obstructed.

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