12 North Carolina Kohl’s and Target Solar Rooftop Arrays

Aerial view of a rooftop solar array on Target

MC Power Companies had the great opportunity to work with Target and Kohl’s on multiple projects. On the 12 projects MC Power Companies was subcontracted to oversee the complete install of the systems and the procurement of balance of system materials.

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The Target and Kohl’s jobs were spread across the state of North Carolina. The solar projects were rooftop systems that ranged from 353.4kW to 471.2kW. We systems incorporated Chint inverters and used DCE racking. The panels were 310w panels to maximize production produced by the systems. All together the system was a 5.328MW project.

Location: NC

Industry: Commercial & Industrial

Mounting Option: Rooftop Mount

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Procurement

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