Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Community Solar Farm

Kansas City Board of Public Utilities Solar farm

MC Power Companies and BPU successfully collaborated on this 1.2663 megawatts DC community solar farm project. BPU is a forward-thinking utility that sees the need for Energy Diversity in its long-term power generation portfolio and through its commitment to the community built this pilot project. There are 3,780 335-watt tier one panels, two Solectria inverters, and Sunbelt transformers. The community solar farm was commissioned on September 26th, 2017.

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Residential BPU customers will be able to lease from one to 10 solar panels over a multi-year period, while receiving a credit of approximately $3.20 a month for each panel on their utility bill. An initial one-time panel lease fee of $470.00 applies throughout the 25-year life of the farm, with the user option of selling the individual panel back to BPU if a participant moves out of the service area after 12 months. By spreading the benefits and savings of renewable solar energy to all participants, BPU allows users to lower their environmental impact while saving money in the long term.

Location: Kansas City, KS

Industry: Municipal, Community & Utility

Mounting Option: Ground Mount

Services Provided

  • Engineering & Design
  • Development & Construction
  • Groundbreaking & Dedication Ceremony
  • Commissioning
  • Operation, Maintenance & 24/7 monitoring though fiber-optics
  • Marketing Consultation of the Community Solar Program

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Kansas City Board of Public Utilities Solar farm