ColdPoint Logistics

ColdPoint Real Estate Logistics, LLC awarded MC Power Companies a 3 MW rooftop solar array project. This design-build project included engineering, construction, and monitoring of the solar array on an existing cold storage facility located in Edgerton, KS. The array provides 3MW of DC power to the building.

  • ColdPoint Real Estate Logistics, LLC.

The array consists of 6187 - 485-watt Canadian Solar modules. The energy harvested by the solar modules is converted by 36 60TL Solectria Inverters. Monitoring is provided in real time through the integrated controller providing immediate production, fault detection, and email/text alerts, all viewable from a web-based portal. The project was designed, engineered, and constructed by MC Power Companies ahead of schedule and within budget, allowing for an additional month of production.

Location: Edgerton, KS

Industry: Commercial & Industrial

Mounting Option: Rooftop Mount

Services Provided

  • Solar PV Design-Build
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance

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