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MC Power Presents Technology Subscription Services powered by SPARKFUND

Not just a new way to access energy technology, but a better way

We don’t just provide efficient energy technology. We provide the most efficient way to access it. MC Power Technology Subscription Services helps power your organization by allowing you to focus on what matters. Say goodbye to complicated contracts and hello to a single monthly payment, a simple contract. All backed by a no risk guarantee.


Upgrading to new energy technology means a more efficient, productive and beautiful work environment. But, until now, it also meant a high initial investment of your capital, time and resources. And a whole lot of complication.


We solve this problem. We give you the benefits of upgraded energy technology without complication and hassle.


MC Power design lighting systems to fit your specific needs. This means the optimal brightness and color temperature for your space, at a guaranteed wattage draw that reduces your energy use.



Old Way

New Way

Complex Purchasing Process

Accessing the latest energy technology required you to dedicate your precious resources to research and procurement, shifting their time and focus away from the core mission of your organization.


One Monthly Cost

A single OpEx payment covers your installation, repairs, monitoring, and ongoing service with no upfront cost.


If It Breaks, You Fix It

Whether you lease, borrow or purchase outright you own and are responsible for every piece of technology and equipment. If something breaks, you either have to fix it or replace it yourself.


No-Risk Guarantee

Your service provider ensures that your technology works through the entire contract term. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay.


Complicated Contracts

Purchasing efficient energy technology at scale meant working directly with financing, suppliers and subcontractors each of which come with contractual complexity.


Simple Contract

We provide a short, easy-to-execute contract with a simple list of the new technology and how it works.

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