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12 stores in North Carolina

Project Summary

MC Power Companies had the great opportunity to work with Target and Kohl’s on multiple projects. On the 12 projects MC Power Companies was subcontracted to oversee the complete install of the systems and the procurement of balance of system materials.


Project Details

The Target and Kohl’s jobs were spread across the state of North Carolina.  The solar projects were rooftop systems that ranged from 353.4kW to 471.2kW.  We systems incorporated Chint inverters and used DCE racking.  The panels were 310w panels to maximize production produced by the systems.  All together the system was a 5.328MW project.



Largest Rooftop Solar Array in State of Kansas

Project Summary

IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings retailer in collaboration with MC Power Companies and SoCore Energy designed, constructed and commissioned the State of Kansas’ largest rooftop solar array atop their Merriam, Kansas store.  The 92,000-square-foot solar array was completed from design to operation in 10 weeks.  The project was completed on time and under budget.


Project Details

The 92,000ft² solar array totals 730.17kW DC and consists of 2,394 305w solar panels producing approximately 986,000kWh’s annually.  This is equivalent of reducing 680 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually.  A total of 126 strings were used and 19 string panels that included 21 24kW SMA Tripower inverters to convert DC energy to useable AC power.  Panels were installed at a 10-degree tilt to insure the maximum amount of light is captured.  To finalize the project 104 mechanical attachments and 10,400 slip sheets were installed.  During commissioning all systems were certified on the first attempt and the system has been producing energy as expected since completion.

Johnson County Kansas

Project Summary

The Johnson County Community College selected MC Power Companies to design, engineer, procure, and construct the Student Center Rooftop Solar Array. The new array will provide an additional 85 kilowatts of DC power to its existing solar footprint. This is the second solar array the Johnson County Community College has entrusted MC Power to Engineer, Procure, and Construct, from start to finish.



Project Details

The MCP engineering team confirmed the Student Centers’ roofing, structural, and electrical infrastructures would physically and electrically support the new array. The engineering team provided client with a complete structural review, racking calculations and design, and a full set of electrical plans depicting installation. The MCP construction team procured the system components and installed them during normal operating hours of the college without any classroom or business interruption.


The Student Center Rooftop Array consists of 252 – 330 watt solar panels. These panels are held in place by a brick-ballasted racking system specifically designed for flat roofs. The energy harvested by the solar panels is converted to usable AC power via 2-33 kilowatt inverters, also located on the roof. The converted AC power was routed from roof to basement, ultimately being connected to the local utilities’ electrical grid via the existing building service. Solar production is monitored in real time directly from the inverters, all viewed from a web-based portal.  The project was designed, engineered, and constructed by MC Power Companies on-time and within projected budget.


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